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avni & siddhesh

T H E   S T O R Y  OF

Avni and Siddhesh (A+S), met first time in 2010 at a party through common connections ( thanks to Prashant and Shraddha), during Avni 's graduation internship for six months in mumbai. They absolutely ignored each other as they were complete strangers during that time. The first chat happened in 2012 over a dine-out with friends, when Avni came down to mumbai again for her research programme. The chat just didn't stop over there but extended to a friendship bond over Facebook and then grew into love over phone calls and whatsapp chats. Siddhesh being a man of simplistic approach and decisive personality, wasted no time in asking her out for a lifetime promise and Avni being of absolutely opposite attitude took her own time to think. Inspite of their poles apart nature and four years of long distance relationship, Siddhesh finally succeeded  in convincing Avni, and she at last said I DO, I DO, I DO.

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